The Clicker Training Center

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Meet Corally Burmaster

Corally Burmaster, certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed® (CPDT-KA®), began training dogs in 1965 with the acquisition of her first Airedale. Neither she nor the Airedale knew anything about obedience, so they rear­ranged their ignorance together until she found her way to an obedience class.

Not satisfied with the less than effective methods used in the class she attended, she helped found the Belmont Hills Dog Training Club in California and subsequently served as an instructor,Training Director, and author of the training manual that was used by subsequent instructors. She continued to teach private lessons in obedience after moving to Virginia

Corally switched to clicker training in 1993 when she discovered the power of training with a conditioned reinforcer. Since then, she has spent her time exploring its potential in as many training situations as possible, in obedience class situations, with both naive and crossover dogs and trainers and in fixing behavior problems caused by what she calls environmental contamination. She has taught instructors how to teach clicker classes, has done seminars across the country and has helped adapt clicker train­ing methods to the training of search and rescue, service and hunting dogs. She breeds and shows her Airedales under the kennel name of Coldstream, and she has put a number of obedience degrees and championships on them, including a National Specialty winner.

Her major focus, however, has been on providing a place where knowledge about clicker training can be shared. That is how The Clicker Journal began and why she opened The Clicker Training Center in Leesburg, Virginia.

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I attended a session taught by Corally Burmaster  on clicker training and I was hooked!  The method worked so well on my dogs and this paved the way to training all around dogs.
Karen Cameron-Howell, Katydid Boxers
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