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Puppy Kindergarten (VHS video) by Corally Burmaster Item # PK-1-VHS


Winner of the Dog Writer's Association
of America's Maxwell Award for:
Best Video of 2003

Some people believe puppies are too young to train. Clicker trainers know better! Clicker training is so gentle you don't need to wait for your puppy to "grow up" to begin training. It's fun, so your puppy will beg you to play "the training game." And it's easy, so that everyone in the family can participate.

Puppy Kindergarten gives clear, step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • get your puppy to do the behavior you want
  • put a behavior on cue so that you can ask for it any time and any place
  • teach your puppy to ignore distractions.

This video is a great gift for new puppy owners and a wonderful tool for BREEDERS to include in their puppy packages! Contact Corally Burmaster for quantity discounts.

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