The Clicker Training Center

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Obedience Classes

For a list of the current schedule of classes being taught at The Clicker Training Center, email Corally Burmaster.

Beginner Obedience-Level 1 (6 weeks)
Designed to introduce both handler and dog to basic pet manners. Emphasis is on teaching the dog to control himself. Students will learn how to get behaviors, how to alter behavior, how and when to attach cues and how to get rid of unwanted behaviors. The dogs will learn loose lead walking, sit and sit stay, down and down stay, the recall and the appropriate way to greet people and other dogs.

Beginner Obedience-Level 2  (6 weeks)
Designed to wean the dog off the need for a clicker while maintaining a high level of performance. Students will teach their dogs a variety of simple tricks to hone their training skills and help their dogs become “clickerwise,” a level of understanding on the part of the dog that allows him to participate in his training. Level 2 will also include stimulus discrimination, fluency and distractions.

Novice Competition  (6 weeks)
Designed to bring the dog and handler up to AKC competition level. Frequent run thrus. Prerequisite: dog must have gone through Off Leash and be able to do all the novice exercises off leash.

Open and Utility Skills  (6 weeks)
An introduction to the AKC Open and Utility exercises. The emphasis is on achieving a sound foundation in retrieving and jumping, introducing signals, scent discrimination and the go out, and refining heeling and handling skills.

Open Competition  (6 weeks)
Designed to bring the dog and handler up to AKC competition level. Much intra class competition and run thrus under competition conditions to become relaxed in a ring situation. Weak areas within an exercise are identified, isolated, and strengthened before being returned to the exercise. Prerequisites: the dog must have its C.D. degree and the handler must have a set of jumps with which to practice.

Utility Competition  (6 weeks)
Designed to bring the dog and handler up to AKC Utility competition level. Emphasis is placed on isolating weak areas within each exercise and strengthening it before putting it back in the complete behavior. Prerequisite: the dog must have its CDX. The handler must have a working knowledge of positive and negative reinforcement, positive and negative punishment, schedules of reinforcement and chaining behaviors.

Workshops  A series of 2 hour workshops designed to work on specific areas

Conformation Handling  (2 hours)
Designed to teach the dog to do a free stack, gait on a loose lead in a straight line and in a circle, to allow strangers to examine him and to present himself to the judge. Handlers will be taught proper ring procedures and how to stay out of the dog's way so that he can show himself off. Each handler will have an opportunity to work other students dogs, and have his own dog gone over multiple times.

Help with Heeling (2 hours)
Designed with the competition dog in mind, where teamwork is essential. Each dog and handler team will be evaluated for the proper heeling pace in both normal and the fast/slow gaits. All turns will be evaluated and exercises given where needed to improve accuracy and speed. Patterns will be run to give the handler practice and to find weak spots that need more work.

Private Lessons
One hour private sessions to give one on one instruction in problem areas or simply to move your dog’s learning forward as efficiently as possible. The student may work on obedience, agility (obstacles only, no handling), conformation, problem behavior or a combination. More than one dog may be worked during the lesson.

Telephone Consultations

Live too far away for classes or a private lesson? Telephone consultations are available for all of the above subjects as well as for specific problems. Because of the number of questions I receive each day by email, I can not answer in that format. I will take your info and the areas you need help and answers in by email, and will schedule a phone appointment for you. Contact us for prices.