The Clicker Training Center

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The Clicker Training Center Starter (kit)

Sale! Item # CTC-KIT-VHS
Everything you need to get started clicker training!

The Kit Includes:
  • The Award Winning Puppy Kindergarten Video
  • Bait Bag
  • 5 Pack of Clickers

( Items sold individually below )

Puppy Kindergarten (video) by Corally Burmaster

Item # PK-1-DVD
$29.95 DVD
Item # PK-1-VHS
Sale! $14.95 VHS
Winner of the Dog Writer's Association
of America's Maxwell Award for:
Best Video of 2003

Some people believe puppies are too young to train. Clicker trainers know better! Clicker training is so gentle you don't need to wait for your puppy to "grow up" to begin training. It's fun, so your puppy will beg you to play "the training game." And it's easy, so that everyone in the family can participate.

Puppy Kindergarten gives clear, step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • get your puppy to do the behavior you want
  • put a behavior on cue so that you can ask for it any time and any place
  • teach your puppy to ignore distractions.

This video is a great gift for new puppy owners and a wonderful tool for BREEDERS to include in their puppy packages! Contact Corally Burmaster for quantity discounts.

Clicker Training Essentials

( 10 Pack shown above )
"5 Pack" - 4 standard clickers and 1 wrist clicker
Item # CL-5
"10 Pack" - 8 standard clickers and 2 wrist clickers
Item # CL-10
All "Packs" come in assorted colors.  Wrist clickers include whistle.

The Doggonegood Bait Bag holds your treats and keep your pockets clean! Sturdy and washable, it clips to your belt or waistband and has a special pocket for a clicker.
Available in purple, red, black, green and blue.

Item # BAG


The Clicker Journal Collection, Volume 1

A collection of the articles that appeared in The Clicker Journal during 1994 and 1995. Includes "The Great Room Post," The Llama Post," "My Grandmother's Lips," and "Mule Train," the poignant story of Ringo, the mule. Contributors include Gary Wilkes, Corally Burmaster, Karen Pryor, Morgan Spector, and many others. 60 pages, spiral bound.

Item # CC-1


The Clicker Journal Collection, Volume 2

A collection of the articles that appeared in The Clicker Journal during 1996. Includes "Getting Started with the Clicker," "Terrier Tales," "Diary of a Dog Trainer," "Dog Training with Coyote," "Dash's Attitude Adjustment" and many others. Contributors include Gary Wilkes, Karen Pryor, Victoria Farrington, Corally Burmaster, Mary Ellen Nicholas, and many others. 75 pages, spiral bound.

Item # CC-2

The Clicker Journal Collection, Volume 3

A collection of the articles that appeared in The Clicker Journal during 1997-1998. Includes "Power of Negative Reinforcement," "The Treatless Click," "Continuous Reinforcement," "Taking a Positive Look at Training," "Dogs and Cats" and many others. Contributors include Gary Wilkes, Victoria Farrington, Corally Burmaster, Julie Daniels, and many others. 68 pages, spiral bound.
Item # CC-3